Caring for our mental health is an everyday event. Some of us forget about all the fun activities we can do for our mental health. Summer is a time to enjoy the sun but to also emotionally enjoy yourself. Having a relaxed, positive mindset can make your summer more enjoyable. If you or a loved one are having a hard time booting your mental positivity during the summer season, here are five mental health activities you can try doing this summer!

Picnic Day

4 girls laughing at a picnic

Cheers to friends and food, the most reliable combo you can make. The outdoors can increase one’s mood and give a new perspective on relaxation. A picnic is a great way to slow down and turn your mind off. Invite some friends or go solo to a comfortable area you enjoy.

Bring your favorite foods with you and savor every bite. Picnics give off cozy, comfy vibes, especially with friends. Chat away and chew on amazing flavors, or bring a book and music. Your mental health should be a priority, laying in the grass while closing your eyes can do just the trick. 

Create a Summer Playlist

a sunset image while driving

Music is an all-powerful tool, especially during the summer. Creating a summer playlist can be a way to reduce anxiety and stress, and improve mental health. Have you ever wanted to put all your favorite songs that make you feel calm, Zen, special, or loved?

Having that song list while you’re driving, going outside, or staying indoors can be what you need. When you are not in the right headspace or having a bad day, you can rely on lyrics that massage your temples and touch your heart. 

Try Some Exercise

4 women in workout uniforms

Exercise is a way to get your heart elevated, increase concentration and focus, and help your overall health. The mind can become sharper and more active. You’ll have bursts of energy in the morning vs the ‘droopy eyed while holding a coffee cup’ energy. According to Mayo Clinic, studies show that exercise is good for mental health because it increases good endorphins, improves mood, and reduces anxiety.

Consistently doing physical activities can be an opportunity to socialize with others. Getting that conversation going can help with your interaction, thus improving your mental health. If you like to exercise at home or in private, it can provide you with a confidence boost. Sometimes pushing ourselves hard can give us the courage to do things that have caused us low self-esteem, anxiety, and fear. Your mental headspace can change just by changing up your routine, give exercise a try.

Heal Your Mind with Gardening

someone gardening on the porch

Have a green thumb and enjoy the outdoors? Gardening keeps your hands occupied and your thoughts on plants. The stresses of everyday life revolve around a never-ending checklist of tasks. Sometimes taking care of plants in a quiet space can relax the mind and body. Putting plants in the soil and creating a special place for your green friends can teach patience, concentration, routine, and relaxation.

Just picture a private space with peace and quiet. The tranquil atmosphere, the scent of earth, and the greenery. Your mind is at work but at a steady pace. Your mind can overwhelm you and move quickly, but gardening can slow it down and help you relax. 

At-Home Spa is a Great Mental R&R

a female looking in the mirror while doing a facial treatment

Another great suggestion is some self-care for your body. When your body is spoiled, your overall mental health and hygiene can improve. Decide on what kind of spa day you want. Get your soaps and essential oils ready as you embark on your spa journey. We suggest massage techniques you can perform on yourself, a facial, a nice bubble bath or shower, a hair care routine, or a foot soak. The possibilities are endless and it can be in the comfort of your own home. 

Our mental health should be catered to whenever we need it. Life’s stresses can hinder those moments when our mind and body need a break. We push ourselves to the limit and overexert ourselves.

Now is the time to put our needs first and take care of our minds. If you have any forms of mental stress, anxiety, depression, or any other challenges that you struggle with; try these five methods. Summer can be a tough time, with all the planning and overzealous outings. Try to slow down and enjoy your summer!