Daily, they judge us
Pressing us, stretching us, molding us

Forming us into their image
“Starve”, they say, to achieve the right fit
“Contour”, they say, lighten the skin you’re in
“Slim your nose down just a bit, can’t have you looking like a pig”

“Get your teeth in a straight line”
“You’ve gained weight, your waist should be tight”

“You can’t talk to us unless your lips are plump”
“You need larger boobs that lead from the front”
“You need an ass we can sit a cup on”

They’ve got us dying to achieve archaic standards of beauty dictated by a broken society

We are not to be sculpted by them
We are beautiful womxn, housed within our own skin
With celebrated differences and a rainbow of complexions
We’re taking back beauty and re-writing the definition