Positivity is what we need to celebrate and express more. One way we can start that is by focusing on what we wear. Clothes are the first thing people see. What better way than to look at yourself in the mirror and show people the positive vibes you give off. Here are three inspiring clothing brands that are doing just that. These three online apparel stores are raising awareness of topics that aren’t discussed and bringing these issues to the surface through their clothing.

Self Care Is For Everyone

Established in 2018, this apparel brand has contributed 500,000 dollars to the mental health community. Nonprofit organizations and independent artists make the clothes. The mission of this company is to amplify voices that aren’t being heard and spread kindness. Since 2018, 100,00 of these self-care reminder clothes have been shipped. Ten percent of the net profits go to mental health and suicide prevention organizations. So far 61,144 dollars have been accumulated to these organizations since its creation. selfcareisforeveryone.com

Positive Choice Apparel

This wonderful brand store was created by a teen actor named Ayden Mekus. Ayden Mekus was bullied in school. At the age of twelve, he had to experience teasing and disrespect from his classmates. He used his acting career to fund this new business idea. With the help of his parents, he creates clothing for men, women, and children with anti-bullying messages. positive-choice-apparel-creator-spring.com

Wholesome Culture

 This clothing brand wants to inspire people to make an impact on how we treat the environment, animals, humans, and ourselves. Everything is eco-friendly; with eco-friendly water-based ink, and the clothes are made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled bottles, and bamboo, and shipped in biodegradable packaging. 

WRAP is a nonprofit organization that helps produce this apparel. The leftover clothes are donated to a nonprofit organization. Ten percent of the profits go to animal rescues and environmental organizations. Donations have been 71,000 dollars and 7,856 tees to other nonprofits. wholesomeculture.com


These obsessions remind us you can share positive statements just by wearing clothes…share these recommended obsessions by using the social buttons below or by copying the link.