During this health crisis of covid-19 and being sheltered from your partner or in lockdown with your partner, sex tends to be on the back burner. This disruption has caused feelings of fear and anxiety among many of us. These feelings tend to cause people to withdraw within themselves. In doing so, they try to handle all their feelings independently and not reach out to their partner for assurances.  This disconnect caused by covid-19 perpetuates feelings of unhappiness and uncertainty due to the virus and economic turmoil.  

During this isolation, two things are likely to happen. One is couples will have a hard time maintaining an intimate connection due to kids being at home and having a lack of privacy especially if a partner has to self-quarantine, due to prior exposure. 

So let’s talk about tips to do to maintain an intimate connection. Maintaining an intimate connection is one of the best ways, also having a sense of humor (see video) to get through this pandemic. 

Covid-19 won’t stop us!

Make Time for Intimate Communication

Going to bed at the same time can be a way of reconnecting by snuggling and talking. While both of you are talking practice honesty and transparency. Honesty and transparency assist in generating a relationship of trust. Listening to your partner during this time without judgment or fear of retribution so your partner feels safe. You can use this time to discuss new sex ideas that you want to try after this isolation period is done. This isn’t a time to discuss any negative aspects of the relationship. 

Make a Date for Sex 

This may seem odd to schedule having sex while you are quarantined and social distancing however it is a good idea so sex doesn’t get ignored. Doing this doesn’t make it predictable instead it reminds us this is a time to disconnect from being an I reconnect to being we.

Flirt throughout the day sending texts within the house to each other so the kids don’t know. Flirting by texting is one way to get the mind and body on the same page.

Widen your definition of sex during this time. Sex doesn’t have to be just intercourse. It can be foreplay or fantasy play. For example, each of you takes a turn being sexually satisfied by the other. One of you decides who gets to go first.

As a result of keeping an intimate connection with your partner during this time. As I wrote earlier; during this isolation, two things are likely to happen. The second thing that could happen during this period…another baby boomer generation. We won’t know if that happened though until 9 to 10 months from now (possibly Christmas time or the start of 2021).

During this time be cognizant to connect with your partner while at home or via facetime if you had to be separated due to covid-19. Connecting can be using facetime, a hug, holding hands, a kiss, snuggling, talking about your love for each other, having sex, or foreplay. Do not allow covid-19 to infect your relationship.

**After this was posted people have asked me if it is safe to have sex during this time, yes it is with your partner. This isn’t a good time to start a new sexual relationship. If you are “in the lifestyle” or polyamory please subside from doing this until after this health pandemic.


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