There are plenty of benefits to using sensory deprivation yourself and/or your partner during intimacy. Sensory deprivation is depriving one of the five senses during intimacy. The quickest benefit to doing this is it enhances the sensation and intensity of the other senses.   Several factors play into why sex becomes so mundane and unexciting. These factors are mostly due to partners no longer tuning into the five senses. Focusing on these senses helps us determine what turns each other on as well as ourselves.

Instead, a habit forms of focusing on your private thoughts related to daily stressors and other external factors. These thoughts contribute to performance anxiety and distract you from your partner during an intimate moment.  

According to the site kinkly, the term sensory deprivation- is a form of sensation play that is often incorporated into BDSM. It involves depriving a person, usually a submissive, of certain senses, such as sight and hearing. This not only helps make them feel more helpless but also makes their other senses, like touch, more sensitive to stimuli. This usually results in an intensely erotic experience. 

Incorporating heavily on the senses during intimacy and intercourse can be life-changing and pleasure-inducing especially if it’s been nonexistent for some time. As you proceed to deprive the senses you want to understand how to enhance the others.  It is recommended to deprive one sense at a time.  If you would like to incorporate depriving more than one sense effectively communicate how to navigate with your partner and experiment with a test run before the initial act.

Ideas for each sense when doing sensory deprivation:

  • Sense of sight–  using a blindfold or scarf
  • Sense of smell– erotic asphyxiation  or nose plugs
  • Sense of taste– Don’t eat anything or place anything in your mouth.  To make it more interesting cover the mouth with a hand, tape, or scarf or whichever is your preference or other means you prefer.  Make sure to get permission and communicate the best way to cover the mouth.  
  • Sense of sound– earplugs
  • Sense of touch– Theoretically it’s remarkably difficult to deprive the sense of touch because it is one of the key elements to intimacy.  However, you can deprive yourself of human touch for a long period to let the desire for touch build up for intense pleasure once you determine when you are ready for intimacy. 
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It can be very overwhelming and uncomfortable to handle several senses being deprived at once. Ideally depriving sight and sound will allow doing more things with other senses due to very limited resources to deprive other senses unless you utilize a sensory deprivation chamber and engage in self-pleasure which will of course require touch.  But this can be very intense and satisfying. You will be educated on different ways to incorporate this technique with your partner.  

For example, sense of sight to intensify this sense try using a blindfold. When the sense of sight is deprived, you can shift your focus to feeling the sensual touches from your partner this will heighten physical pleasure.  

 The sense of sound can be intensified with explicit music, talking dirty with whispers in the ear, and the sounds of your partners nibbling on the ear which also intensifies touch.  Sight can be enhanced by watching porn, role-playing, and admiring your partner undress (strip tease) or setting the mood and environment to your liking.

sensory deprivation
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The sense of smell can be intensified by using food that also incorporates taste, aromatherapy, wearing your partners’ favorite scents, and candles. And the sense of touch can be intensified by using methods that give off different levels of temperatures such as ice, wax, or food. Also using hands, tongue, lips, feathers, scarf, or any toy or other instrument that is textured to your liking can be implemented to enhance touch. 

In conclusion, senses in general whether you are depriving them or are intuned with them the focus can enhance sexual excitement, desire, and pleasure.  The key thing to remember is before you sexperiment and sexplore the senses with your partner do research and communicate on what will work best to ensure it’s an enjoyable time for both parties. 

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