I am constantly asked what are the best sex toys. I share with people that exploring your body, with or without a partner, can be one of the most pleasurable experiences. Trying new vibrators or lubes can help keep things fresh, but sometimes costs add up quickly! Here are my top five favorite Amazon finds for keeping the bedroom spicy.

Over The Door Sex Swing Cost: $19

best sex toys | kiss and tell

Why It’s Great…this swing is lightweight but sturdy, so you can move it around easily while also resting assured that it will support you! It’s perfect for renters or someone living with roommates as there is no permanent evidence it ever existing and packs up quickly.

Vulva owners can sit in it and expect deeper penetration while penis owners sit perfectly to receive oral sex from a partner. It is easy to set up and a greater starter for those who might be looking to explore whether or not a sex is for them. We enjoy ours so much we’ve taken it on trips!

System Jo Gelato Personal Lubricant Cost: $14 for 4 oz

best sex toys | kiss and tell

Why It’s Great …this lubricant comes in multiple interesting flavors I haven’t seen anywhere else: hazelnut espresso, crème brulee, mint chocolate, salted caramel, and tiramisu. I always recommend flavored lubricants to couples wanting to change up oral sex routines or who want to work with sensory play in the bedroom.

System Jo lubes are water-based, which means they can be used safely both on the body and with condoms. It has a great consistency and does not get sticky, so a little bit can go a long way! Our favorite is the hazelnut espresso, which tastes weirdly accurate to a coffee drink.

Rechargeable Clitoral and G Spot Vibrator Cost: $30

best sex toys | kiss and tell

Why It’s Great…perfect for both solo or partnered play, this vibrator really hits the spot. It comes in two colors and can easily fit into a bag to take on vacation or keep hidden discreetly. It comes with a wireless remote that allows hands to explore elsewhere, and makes it easier for individuals with mobility issues to enjoy sexual pleasure.

It is also waterproof which makes it ideal for a variety of situations! Reviews also report that getting in touch with the company is easy if there are any issues requiring assistance. This vibrator is also similar to some other, more expensive models, but functions exactly the same!

Vibrating Anal Toy Cost: $20

best sex toys | kiss and tell

Why It’s Great…this vibrator is perfect for individuals or partners looking to get into anal play. Made out of safe silicon, it is easy to use and totally hands free. The plug itself has burrs around it which ensures the plug will stay in place and won’t end up in places it is not meant to be!

There are ten different vibrations which ensures there will be a setting that feels good to you. If you want to use it in a more non-traditional way, the shape also makes it great for nipple play, so you get two toys in one! 

Wedge Pillow Cost: $14

best sex toys | kiss and tell

Why It’s Great…while it’s not a sex toy per say, it can definitely amp up your sex life! This model is inflatable for easier storage while also being waterproof for easy cleaning. They also come in half-moon or bolster shapes for a variety of options. Using the pillow allows for a better angle for deeper penetration, but can also offer extra support for harder to maintain positions either with a partner or alone.

This pillow comes with handles sewn into the side so any thrusting partner can ‘hold on’ for extra thrusting power! I tell my clients they need to know their own body to be able to have partners explore it well, so using this pillow can make it easier to get a better look at your body in the mirror!

While these are my favorite Amazon sex finds, there are plenty of other options you could explore: lingerie, cock rings, kegel balls, and even nipple clamps! It’s a great place to get some cost-friendly options before jumping in to get something high quality and expensive.

What Amazon sex find is your favorite?

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