She is known as the ‘Mary Poppins of Sex’ Melanie Ruth Rose is an interior designer, with twenty years of experience in creating the most luxurious rooms for clients. Her hit Netflix series How to Build A Sex Room has brought home creation and sex together which is heartwarming, educational, and humorous.

Who knew homemakers could be sexy? How to Build A Sex Room is a series with different kinds of couples who seek out Melanie Rose’s interior design skills to create a room for intimacy and sex. Melanie Rose is open-minded, sex-positive, and passionate about creating a vision for her clients. Her sex enthusiasm makes the show memorable and thinks “wow she normalizes sex and kink conversation like we’re talking about the weather.” She provides guidance in a judgment-free zone.

Her work is to cater to her client’s wants, desires, and sex explorations. She pulls a Queer-Eye lifestyle switch with aesthetically pleasing rooms for all the couples on the show.

Building a sex room isn’t meant to be explicit in a negative way. I reviewed this show as the first of its kind, a way to build growing and long-lasting relationships. Sex is part of intimacy for all couples. Whether the clients are married or not, or have more than one partner(s); building an environment where connection can spark is important. Everyone who desires sex and intimacy would love to have alone time, or in this case, a room to focus on expressing and exploring each other.

sex room

According to The Guardian, this Netflix binge series is “a self-aware show with a sense of humor”. A progressive sex-positive show that, “by allowing themselves to explore a dedicated sex space…” can lead to successful relationship bonds and kink exploration without shame.

Key Components When Creating A Sex Room

Desire a sex room of your own? Well, here are a few key components when starting an interior project such as this.

Lists: Creating a list of what you want inside the space, including appearance, layout, and theme are the building blocks of your room. Listing all your wants and needs helps keep you organized and set on what your space looks like.

 Ask partner: Unless you are in a Dom and sub relationship, where the Dom makes the decisions; creating a sex room requires asking your partner(s) what they would like in the space. You want to make sure everyone has a say in the room as a whole, that it can complement your desires, plays, and appearance.

 Concrete layout: A design or drawn vision of what the space will look like is essential. You may want to make your bedroom, basement, or other guest room a sex room. You must look at your interior and jot down notes and visuals. This step is important because this will make the interior designer’s job much easier.

 Essentials in the room: Figuring out the décor and items in the space helps set the tone and figure out what compliments your needs and the room itself. If there are certain toys or kink-related furniture you want to get for your room, let that be known to the interior designer as well. It’s all about figuring out what works in the space so you and your partner(s) will be happy with it.

 Theme: Having a theme to go with your space will give you and your partner feelings of sensuality and intimacy. Having a theme that brings your arousal and desire to the forefront is important for a sex room. If you are thinking of dark colors, bright, sensual settings, or anything that tickles your fancy, make it clear when you start planning the layout.

 Long journey: Note that this entire process is fun, but it will take a lot of work on your part, including the interior design professional. It may take several months to have this room completed. There may be challenges you’ll face, but patience and diligence will help move things along to create the ideal sex room.

 Proper professional interior design: When it comes to interior design, always hire a professional that has years of experience in the field. You may have a list and layout that you are dead set on, but making sure all your wants and needs can be met depends on if the interior designer says it’s possible.

It’s not to say there’s a no go for what the space can have. However, if let’s say you want certain furniture, flooring, wallpaper, or extra interior fixtures, the designer will tell you if they can fit it within the space or if it may be dangerous or too tight to put things in. With their expertise, they can help you with alternatives or places to put your envisioned fantasies.

 Final decisions: At the end of the day, the interior designer may have a plan going forward, but you and your partner(s) have the final say on how it looks. You are going to enjoy the rest of your lives in this sex room, the room has to be what you all desire.

 Detailing: The layout is essential for the interior designer, but so are the details. Details such as lights, colors, textures, prints, wallpaper, and objects help give the room a sensual ambiance. To express your sensuality and kink is to add these small details to set the mood for all people involved. Displaying certain objects around or adding scents and dimmed lights can help bring out your sexual state of mind.

 Toys: Having your toys picked out can also bring ambiance to the room. If you have any toys you want to try and explore, definitely place them strategically into the space, or have a special drawer for them. This is a sex room, after all, bring out the sex toys!

 Safety for Toys and Kinks: One important thing when creating a sex room is to make sure you discuss safety with your partner(s) within the space. This can apply to dom/sub relationships as well as two partners or more. When adding fixtures, and furniture to the space, you want to make sure all the safety necessities to keep these toys and furniture secure for all-time play. A place to clean toys properly or adjustments for benches or ceiling fixtures are a must to have a safe and happy play.

If you want your own sex room, try adhering to the tips and advice on getting started. Start by contacting your ideal professional interior designer. Want Melanie Rose to create your sexy vision? Go to her site for contact information.