This is the time of year when we consider what we are most thankful for. We reflect on what we can do to bring joy to others. Well, now is your chance to think about how you can better impact mankind and your lover. That’s right! If you’re used to laying back and reaping all those delicious pleasures for yourself, this is the year to give your partner(s) first, seconds, and thirds of the sexual ecstasy they so richly deserve!

Top 5 Reasons to Give More to Your Partner Sexually

Do you fancy yourself more of a sub while your partner takes on the role of the dom? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a preference; but this holiday season, you have a chance to give them something that will keep on giving while you receive immense pleasure as well. Some of the benefits of taking on a dominant role in the bedroom are as follows.

1. You’re in charge

Picture it. It’s sexy time and you and your playmate(s) are ready to turn up the heat. Instead of doing the usual vanilla routine, you decide to turn things up a notch and get on top. At first, you’re hesitant but then you realize you are in complete control.

 Now, you’re in the driver’s seat. You say where, when, how fast or slow, and when to pause to build anticipation. Every move, every prop, and every sensation are completely within your control. With this power in your hands and your body, you’ll create an experience they’ll never forget.

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2. An Increase in Self-Confidence

With that much dominance bestowed upon you, it’s no surprise you’ll feel a greater surge of self-confidence radiating within you. Just knowing that you have the ability to make them putty in your hands, to give and take their pleasure away will make you feel strong.

If you do this frequently enough, you’ll know how to start and stop their engines any time you want. There will be no need to question your appearance or how you might perform or sound. Once you feel them surrendering beneath you, you’ll know you have nothing to worry about and everything to gain.

3. They’ll see you in a new light

When the dishes are cleared, you’ve got your second wind, and you’re ready for a little desert, being on top provides a chance for your partner to see you in a whole new and delicious light. Instead of going into the bedroom, turning out the lights, and you know what, you can lead them to a new location and drive them wild.

They’ll never expect it, and they’ll look at you as if you’re a brand-new person and who doesn’t like a little bit of role-playing? Fortunately, allowing for this type of versatility leaves room for more and more and more to be thankful for.

4. You can enjoy the view

When you’ve committed to straddling your partner(s) and driving them wild, there’s one undeniable thing, the toe-curling view. Watching every facial expression and body movement will only fan the flames of your desire and help you to perform as you’ve never performed before. They’ll be begging for mercy (but not really) while you’re taking in all the amazingness.

5. You don’t have to hold back

How many times have you gotten into an argument with your partner(s) and had incredible make-up sex? Well, now you can amp up that feeling by being in total control. You can do whatever you want to them as long as they’ve given consent. Push them, pull them, bite them, and love them in your own special and chaotic way for one unforgettable night.

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There you have it! Around the holidays, it’s important to remember not to be selfish but to give to others as they have given to us. That’s what makes the world a better place and keeps the orgasms going ‘round. If you’re not comfortable with getting on top, just try doing some sexual act that you may have never tried before and see how it feels.  Once you take a walk on the uncharted side, we know you’ll be tempted to go further. This holiday season don’t be afraid to push the envelope to please your loved ones, especially if they’re the type that would go the distance for you!