The mysterious question everyone wants answered. What do women want?  I thought it was funny when I saw a meme where a man asked “what do you want space or attention” and the woman replied “yes”, or the Notebook meme where Ryan Gosling asked Rachel McAdams what she wants and she says it’s not that simple. It’s hard to express what we want when we are so unsure, of ourselves.

Wait, let me take that back. We have way too much on our minds to pick one thing. Or maybe our ideas contradict one another. Like wanting a Baja blast from Taco Bell, chicken wings from Queens bully, a burger from Shake Shack, and ice cream from Cold Stone.

When you say it out loud it may sound ridiculous, and it is not that we are being difficult in not answering your question of “what are you in the mood to eat” it’s just that sometimes we want everything.

When we speak on a deeper level and are not discussing what we want to eat…the question of what women want is a lot more complex, and doesn’t have a definitive answer…one answer may apply to many however it does not apply to all.

One consistent answer is that women want to be seen and heard. For centuries women’s voices have been overshadowed by men and even though in the last few decades women have stood up and spoken out… it’s not enough.

Women  Want…

  • Women want to not hide their true selves for fear of being mislabeled.
  • Women want acceptance for their emotions. When a situation causes us emotion we display it and that’s okay.
  • Women want full control of their bodies. Why is it a government matter what we do with our reproductive system when men run the majority of the government?
  • Women want to be family-oriented and entrepreneurs simultaneously. Why is it an either-or decision to choose between either being a mother or being a successful businesswoman?
  • Women want to be treated as equals. Not less than or superior to someone else.
  • Women want to be free to live the life they want, instead of judgment try using support.

We have lived in a world where systematically women were used only to reproduce. As the decades have evolved women requested more out of life than being an incubator and a nurturer. Women have fought hard and we will continue to fight until we are seen as equal to men regardless of skill set, or education. The question from the beginning of this article is not of want but also of need.

Women need to be heard and understood even when the statement may sound confusing. Take the time to listen instead of speaking, and view things from each woman’s perspective. 

I can’t forget women’s wants and needs when their in a romantic relationship. Women want to be looked at as sexy regardless of body type. Women want to be recognized for their mind and their personality. No one woman is like another, we all want different things and yes, it can be very confusing but women want you to take the time to get to know them and act accordingly. Just like men want to be appreciated and be taken out on dates every once in a while, women would like to feel appreciated too. Most women want romance, to feel wooed, and protected.

Women are strong beings, we bleed for a week straight without dying, and we create life, and push that watermelon size life out of a golf ball size hole. Women want breaks from the heavy lifting and making the hard choices. In a relationship, an “alpha female” will happily submit to a partner that can take control and keep her feelings in mind while that partner leads. Women want the freedom to be independent but the choice to choose dependency. Instead of asking the question of what women want, ask what we can do to help women…help women succeed, and feel supported, heard, and appreciated.

My final thought is women and men can co-exist in our society knowing that both genders are capable and acceptable. I focused on women in this piece however I am well aware that there must be a positive change toward both genders in how they are seen and treated. It is a social issue along with a gender issue.