I am here to claim that “I love my vagina” just the way she is.

Recently, I have noticed the increased frequency of vaginal rejuvenation ads on the radio and also used as a hot topic on some reality tv shows. Whether someone is thinking of doing a procedure or has done one or you are being sold one. It leaves me to ask the question, “can’t we love our vaginas just the way they are”?

Now, I am in no way talking about a procedure that is medically necessary, eliminates pain, or improves the quality of one’s life. I am strictly talking esthetics. There are plastic surgeons advertising “virgin tightening “procedures for your vagina. Claiming they can improve the appearance, size, and function of our lady parts by removing excess skin or using lasers and injecting fillers. Huh?

“Don’t worry, you will only need a week on bed rest and deal with excessive vaginal discharge for up to 8 weeks.” Um…no thank you.

Tell me, where is the plastic surgeon advertising to men? Claiming to improve the size, shape, and function of their penis? Just a little nip tuck, a few sutures, and some salve to use for the next 8 weeks. I’ll tell you where they are. Nowhere! Plastic surgeons would all be broke if they only catered to men.

no vaginal rejuvenation
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

So why are we doing this ladies? I know we live in a society that perpetuates these ideals but when are we going to say enough is enough?

If no one ever paid to have these procedures done, they wouldn’t keep selling them to us. Are they still selling Pepsi Clear or manufacturing the Edsel? The Edsel was a car by the way that Ford motor company had big hopes in that every American would rush out and buy. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there but the point is, both of those products became obsolete. Why? Because nobody bought them!

You get where I’m going with this? Look, I understand this is a much bigger issue then cosmetic surgery for our nether regions. If I had my way, I would do away with any industry that exploits women or perpetuates gender bias, but we have to start somewhere. Right?

So, until men are lining up to get the balls lifted and tucked, please join me and sit this one out. 

Share this with all your female friends and in doing so you are reminding yourself that you were born beautiful and are one of a kind. Let’s stop allowing male-run society to continue to dictate how females should look inside and out.

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