What is a relationship? I believe it is something that can be fantastic and blissful while at the same time being a power struggle between two human beings. When you enter into a relationship with someone usually one individual holds some form of power over the other. This usually comes by way of making a person bend to their will by either using physical (sex) or mental means. Sometimes people say this is a compromise call it what you will, but to me, it is a form of relinquishing power or control.

In every relationship, there always seems to be some type of power struggle. It is not in human nature to give up control so easily. People like to be the masters of their own universe and by choosing one significant other you will be giving up that title. This is a great reminder of why our ancestors rarely stuck to a single relationship at a time. Although in modern society these long-term relationships play a big role, we can see how successful they are by the divorce rate in our country.

The power dynamic is acerbated when “LOVE” comes into the mix. One partner always seems to love more than the other. This seems to tip the power scale in the direction of the partner who loves the least. Love can be a powerful feeling; it can make you behave totally out of character and make you do crazy things. There are hundreds of crime stories made every year documenting love-struck individuals who have gone crazy and hurt or even murdered their lover because things didn’t go their way. Although it is very rare that things turn criminal every relationship seems to have its violent tendencies from time to time. 

          With that in mind, relationships are also something that people crave. We need human interaction. We feel sad and depressed when we spend our days inept of physical and mental stimulation. There is a reason why people locked up in solitary confinement go mad. Many people who lack relationships in their lives have a tendency to age more rapidly both mentally and physically. Therefore, experiencing a much shorter life span. It is though nearly impossible in this day and age to avoid relationships.

Although you could spend your time in a cave, slowly fading from the lack of human comfort, I am not recommending that.

Besides, having that special someone in your life can be beautiful, and sometimes you need to find the right person to feel comfortable enough with to roll over and show your belly to. Eventually, you figure out that having all the control all the time is exhausting and finding the right person to relinquish that too feels wonderful.

It is a great feeling to know that another person has your back no matter what. The heavens will open when you truly have that person in your life who would help you get away with murder. The joy that comes with being able to tell a spouse or loved one all the crazy thoughts in your head is priceless.

I know from experience it can feel difficult, almost downright impossible to find the right one. But just like in a relationship you have to “compromise” and give people a chance and the right person will eventually find their place in your life. 

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