With the chart-topping success of Beyonce’s July release of the house hit “Break My Soul”, many news outlets and social media platforms have reported that Beyonce is responsible for the nation’s mass exodus. Though these catchy lyrics include the phrase, “release your job”, is it fair to say that Beyonce is solely to blame for unsatisfied employees exiting toxic work environments across the country? I think not. Let’s take a closer look at what this writer is calling, the Beyonce Effect.

The Beyonce Effect

Rather than simply telling people to quit their jobs, Beyonce does so much more. She taps into the heart of employee frustrations and empowers working class citizens to take full control of their time, energy, and future endeavors.

For many, Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” serves as an inspirational shining beacon of hope for those looking for answers to the question, I hate my job, what should I do?  The song chants “release your stress”, “release your mind”, and other powerful statements, fanning the flames of resistance for unhappy employees nationwide.

While listening to these impassioned lyrics with an irresistible dance beat to support them, the song proves to hit close to home for listeners near and far. HRDIVE’s search query “how to resign” jumped 350% within 24 hours of Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” release.


What Listeners Say

Here’s what inspired fans of the song had to say about the impact it’s had on their own lives. One female Twitter user with the screen name @senari had this to say, “Beyoncé saw that it was the summer of late-millennial burnout, the labor movement, ‘90s revival, and queer pride and was like, “Yeah, I can make a song about that”.

Another listener by the name of Portia, 42 reported to Glamour Magazine that before the release of “Break My Soul” she was considering quitting her job. Like the song, she’s also newly in love and her partner encouraged her to quit her draining corporate job once and for all. She went on to say that the song allowed her to examine what would actually make her soul happy.

The list of Twitter users and others who have quit their job since the release of “Break My Soul” appears endless.

Between the great resignation spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic and now the release of Beyonce’s powerhouse anthem, fans are choosing to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

Gone are the days when womxn sat down and accepted the status quo of unequal pay and disrespect in the workplace. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2022, more women than men continue to struggle professionally post-pandemic. However, some women have managed to turn pandemic hobbies into lucrative side-hustles, fueling the desire of quitting their dead-end jobs.


Now more than ever, Americans, especially those identifying as female are burned out and longing for relief. There is a rise in the demand for better working conditions, positions that make employees feel valued, and DEI work environments for all.

The Future of Employment

In a time when remote working, an adequate work-life balance, and equality in pay have become not just a desire but a priority, female-identifying employees aren’t settling for anything less than the best possible opportunities.

Employees are also realizing the importance of proper mental health care and access to wellness services. For some, protecting their mental health means (as “Break My Soul” suggests) quitting their anxiety-inducing jobs in favor of professional development and personal well-being.

Womxn workers are becoming increasingly aware of their worth and what they bring to the conference table. As the popular saying goes, “you must learn to leave the table when respect is no longer being served”. That is exactly what females have been given permission to do with a big thanks in part to Queen B’s “Break My Soul”.

This is no longer a man’s world as the soul singer, James Brown led us to believe with his chart-topping song of yesteryear. Womxn are now stepping into a future where new and diverse positions are being created and female-owned businesses are on the rise. The truth is the future for trail-blazing female professionals is blindingly bright and they refuse to allow their souls to be broken.