Imagine having access to a resource on your phone that you could use to help enhance your sex life. What would you do with that? What type of information would be in there and who is contributing the content? Those were my first thoughts as I watched the trailer for Sexify on Netflix. My next thought was, did I even know I needed help in that area in my early 20’s?

The comedy show Sexify is set in a quaint college setting with a very “diverse” set of characters. The main character, Natalia, a hard-working college student immediately sets the tone that this will just be uncomfortable. Natalia is focused, she is smart, she is beautiful, and she is driven to be the best at her craft.

Her craft is coding and development and her story is around developing her senior project. For Natalia, like many women I know, including myself, she aims to please and be recognized as the best and in the first episode when the professor provides feedback about her project you could tell her world shattered.

Polish Version when watching in the US Netflix has dubbed with English Voices

As a parent of a soon to be college student it was not easy to grapple with the emotions after seeing a college student put so much pressure on herself to be “the best”, but on the other hand I was awkwardly drawn to her drive and her attitude. She’s a fiesty young woman with an attitude that you both love and hate.

Characters on Sexify

The first couple of episodes of Sexify are slow. Natalia struggles with figuring out how to win the senior project app contest. She tries to use a logical approach and partner up with another super-smart classmate, but that quickly goes south when he misinterprets her proposal as a sexual advance and tries to have sex with her in their kickoff strategy session.

The scene itself is awkward, but it only drives Natalia deeper into her quest to find something “sexy” to build. You almost have to keep watching to see how in the hell she is going to build an app that will help women to attain a more fulfilling sexual experience when, she herself, has NEVER HAD ANY sexual experiences of her own to go off of.

While Natalia starts on her journey, her very dear friend is on a very different journey. Paulina is the polar opposite of Natalia and not only unhappily sexually active, but in a committed relationship. Paulina does not share her seemingly miserable sexual interactions with Natalia but she is drawn to Natalia’s idea and is very quickly dedicated to helping her friend, all the while fulfilling some fantasies of her own!

And then they insert the sex-hungry, rich, spoiled girl who gets forced back into dorm life when her rich daddy cuts her off. This definitely adds a little spice to the mix of gal pals, and her “experience” is just what Natalia needs to focus on on the right information she needs to make her app a reality. She is undoubtedly showing the girls a whole new world not only with her vibrant personality but her own personal experiences and knowledge of sex.

The girls are on a mission. They each have their own attractive traits individually, but as a team they really are the perfect group of ladies to collect the data that is needed for Natalia’s app. In the third and fourth episode we get a little bit of hope sprinkled in that there may be a warm heart in Natalia as they introduce a gentlemen to the scene that immediately creates some spark. That spark lands her at a convention – one that I personally wish I could go to – which lands her in a very risque contraption almost forcing her to face her fears of intimacy.

As they wrap up episode 4 there is a glimmer of hope that Natalia is not the cold-hearted, loveless, anti-sexual student that she appears to be. I’m anxious and awkwardly excited to see where the final 4 episodes take her, but regardless, it’s sure to be filled with plenty of scenes, encounters, and experiences that are sure to make you think about your own personal needs or desires.

Sexify isn’t filled with great writing or too many good one-liners, the characters aren’t Hollywood A-listers, but just the idea of exploring sexual needs and fantasies at such a young age really makes me wonder what life would have been like had I explored more or questioned more about what I liked and wanted and needed to be “fulfilled”. Season 2 has not yet been signed by Netflix, and if it does air, won’t be out until mid-2022. It’s worth the watch and a good reminder for all of us to know what you like, know what you need, and be comfortable with your body and how it works!!

Stay tuned for another article after I finish Season one of Sexify…

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