November’s midterm election next week reminds us that this is a time to be glad we still live in a democracy.  While we may not agree on how to handle all the issues on the table this midterm, we can use this time to reflect on what a true politician is. There was a time when they initially ran for office because they wanted to make a difference. They wanted to be the voice for the people that needed someone in the government to champion them.

Regrettably, it appears, those times have somewhat changed because some politicians that began on the “take care of the people journey” lost their way and it became about “how my political connections benefit me and those in my inner circle”.


Society lives and breathes based on what is heard and seen on social media and the news. Within both outlets of storytelling, they have two clear sides, one fun and entertaining and the other side ridiculous and absurd. We live in a democracy that supports and welcomes this. In fact, there are times, there are those of us who relish in it especially when there is financial and/or political gain.

Lately, America’s cemented foundation has been weakened. Citizens are wondering when they awake what will America be like today whereas not so long ago that wasn’t a fleeting thought in our minds. Remember that our government Senate, Congress, and the President are there for all of us…their focus should only be on the people…specifically people who need the fundamental foundation of our government to prosper.

The government is not about greed nor was our government created so politicians and the extremely wealthy could be the only ones that prosper from it. Another reminder is “We The People” starts the constitution it reminds us instantly it’s not about Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Congress, Senate or the President rather it is to affirm the American government serves the people first and foremost.

Voting is the only part of our democracy that remains sacred and intact regardless of the gerrymandering. When we vote we remind the Senate, Congress, and the President that you work for us. When we vote we are there because our voices matter, and our needs matter. We continue to show up to those long tedious lines because in doing so we are reminded at that moment why we love America and our freedom to vote!

This vote will communicate whether we continue to allow the atrocities’ from continued gun violence and the overturning of Roe v Wade. As much as inflation, rent and housing prices are obscenely out of proportion in certain parts of America, it is truly grotesque that the majority of politicians turn the other cheek concerning random gun violence and Roe v Wade. The contradiction between keeping the right to bear arms and ignoring the female population on allowing her choice to be taken away…mind-blowing!



Voting results on Wednesday morning will answer several questions…

  • Are we going to be grateful and united after the midterm election or further divide and doubt the future of freedom and democracy in America?
  • After the midterm election results are posted instead of taking the time to challenge and doubt the results make the time to ask a question what do the American people need and what are the voters trying to tell the politicians in every state and in D.C.?
  • Will we be shaking our heads aghast by the results or we will be embracing democracy, the majority was heard, and change won over money?

    I understand. It can be discouraging to want to vote when politicians focus on the personality traits of the other candidates and their past discretions instead of focusing on the issues that matter to us, such as the economy, inflation, housing, and rent prices, immigration, restoring Roe v Wade, gun violence, taxes, LGBTQIA rights, and accurate sex education.

    Continue to be a part of American democracy and go out and vote. Remind all political parties your voice is what influences their voice NOT the other way around. Politicians don’t tell us what matters we tell them!