For all of you brave souls out there attempting to do “dry January,” you are in luck. Non-alcoholic craft cocktails or “mocktails” are making a name for themselves,  and seem to be gaining a huge following.

This is a perfect opportunity to try something new and make it fun. After all, if it looks like a cocktail, tastes like a cocktail (sans the alcohol) by damn your brain thinks it’s a cocktail. Before you know it, February arrives and somehow you survived. I can hear your liver thanking you now; “yeah dry January.” 

Seedlip Special Offer Trio      $89

This four-year-old company has really put themselves on the map. Winning two gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show, opening a third location in Sydney, and publishing their first cocktail book. This is true alchemy at its finest. With flavors like Spice 94, Grove 42, or Garden 108, the cocktail creations are endless. Environmentally conscious with sustainable packaging as well. Plus you can look up recipes for each of the flavors on their website.

Dry January

Lyre’s Dry Vermouth       $35.99

This Aussie company has one of the widest ranges of non-alcohol spirits on the market. Everything is meant to mimic your favorite cocktail. This is where you will find brandy, absinthe, liqueurs, and even a dry vermouth. Making that ever-popular martini possible.

Dry January
Lyre’s Dry Mouth

Ritual Tequila Alternative  $26.99

This company is the first American made non-alcohol spirit distillery. They offer a wide range of vibrant flavors to build your drinks around. The best part is, most are either low cal or no cal. All are made with natural flavors, free of alcohol, and carbs as well as gluten-free. Here’s to making those other New Years resolutions happen.

Dry January
Ritual Tequila Alternative

Pryce Gold Coupe Glass       $14.95

Every drink is better in a pretty glass in my opinion and what better way to enjoy your “mocktail” then with these hand painted, European blown glasses. This versatile glass is the perfect shape for your NA craft cocktails, martinis or even champagne. Can also be purchased with a silver painted rim for $12.95.


Cheers 🥂 everyone! 

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