Warmer weather and longer days are upon us and for most, it couldn’t come soon enough. I like to look at spring as being a good time for renewal. Time, to get rid of any excess baggage, anything that’s been holding you down or getting in the way of what makes you happy.  This week I will share helpful advice and/or products to help you find your joy. 

Tidying Up with Marie KondoThe Book Collection $31.98

This is your first step of renewal, and the perfect source to help get you there. Marie Kondo took the world by storm and became a huge success in America. So much so, she nailed her own Netflix series. She has certainly earned the right to be called “the queen of decluttering.” Never underestimate just how much “ too much stuff” is weighing you down. She offers plenty of helpful advice and useful tools to help streamline your life. Don’t you think it’s time to liberate yourself?  C’mon! It’s time to lighten the load. You will feel so much better. I promise. barnesandnoble.com


Try Something New (Priceless)

Have you ever wanted to speak a new language or learn to play the ukulele? Better yet, how about volunteering? # 2 on the spring renewal, is reinventing yourself. For most of us human beings, we become so wrapped up in our own lives & problems, it’s hard to imagine anything else. The very act of giving one’s self for others is what we all should consider.  Understanding the world does not revolve around you, is lesson number one. Realizing there are people that have suffered far more than you, is life-changing. volunteermatch.org

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Start A New Daily Habit #3 renewal

If you are an avid exerciser, why not try meditation? If you are spiritual and do well with quieting the mind, why not try exercise? Here are a few tips on successfully developing new daily habits.

  • Start small. Begin with 15 minutes a day. Most experts agree that setting the bar too high, will most certainly lead to failure.
  • Be flexible. Try not to set a specific time and duration each day. Life will get in the way of that. By being more flexible, you are more likely to fit your newfound activity in. 
  • Make appointments/ sign up for classes. We are more prone to show up when we are held accountable to others. 
  • Walk out the door. Stop placing too many rules and restrictions on yourself. Just get moving. 
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Get outside! (Renewal #4)

Do you know what that means? 😬 Step away from your laptops. Put down your phones. It’s time to live in the moment y’all. Seriously! Try planting a garden, going for a walk, or run. How about hiking or camping? Ok.. sorry. Maybe not the last one?

Nevertheless, get outside. Being outdoors can quiet the mind. Certain outdoor activities like, running, walking, hiking or gardening, give you a sense of instant gratification. Being able to see how far you have run or how much better your garden looks after weeding, can be quite satisfying. Most importantly it’s being in the moment. Learning to be ok with “right now.”
Gardeners Puddle Proof Tote $49.95 gardeners.com


Women-Owned Business Weekly Feature

As I mentioned last week, I will feature one or more women owned businesses with each Obsessions article. Some recommendations coming from you, our K&T readers. 

This weeks product is a must have favorite from Marcia M. Lake Harriott, MN. Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum ($39.00). Marcia says; “ this product instantly transforms the texture of her skin, making it appear more translucent and luminous.”Sounds wonderful!

Thank you Marcia for your recommendation. If you would like to purchase this product, here is where to find it. ulta.com

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