As my friend and colleague, Dr. Betty Dodson, informed me, 70 is the youth of old age. “So, get it on when you get there, Stephanie, ” she stated that to me 30 years ago while under her instruction. 

When the bridge across the eternal waters appears to be shorter, oftentimes one’s desire for nurturing and erotic touch increases. What am I implying? Testosterone increases in women after menopause and this is the hormone that stimulates your sex drive. As men’s testosterone slightly lowers as they age, we often have a ‘match’ in sexual drives within a relationship.     

What do I mean by Youth of Old Age?

Sexual connection encompasses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of one’s true nature, aligned with the call of the wild. Raw and uninhibited our experiences at 70 give us a foundation of our present time needs, wants, and desires. As we reach this point of aging our bodies actually need more nurturing and sensuous touch. Our skin is more receptive to pleasure. Our vulvas require positive, healing, erotic touch to sustain our body to age well.

Youth at Old Age

Many endorphins are released and this brings about the release of pain and makes the body more flexible and aglow with life. A focused caressing touch is a food for the animal within. Sensuous whole body massage is the path to great sex.

How many more times can we share the intimacy of erotic touch and the bliss of pleasure?    

The media world tells us the value of youth and beauty. Consequently, at 70, as women of power, we must stand firm in our erotic connection to ourselves, with another and others, and our whole natural environment. The myriad of sexual stories and experiences gained over the course of an adult life reaching 70 is full of value, purpose, and meaningfulness.

At 70, we are more comfortable with communication and experimentation in the adult playground of the bedroom or on a beach, under a big bushy tree, or even in the backseat of a luxury automobile. Sex at 70 ensures the bottom line – we take good care of ourselves, body and mind, emotions, and mental attitudes. When in good health, the sexy 70s gives us a way to be more playful, joyful, shame-free, and vocal! Let the wild woman roar!     

In today’s modern world we have access to supplements, plant-based hormone cream, electrolyte drinks, new sex toys, and an Internet that explores any nuance of sexuality. We can keep our brains healthy and this is where the erotic trigger happens. Yes, through hormones and neurotransmitter synapses but also with anti-aging supplements that strengthen tendons and ligaments and stimulates an open-minded approach to pleasure that leads to joy.

When the erotic mind is turned on then we find our way to a deep sexual, sensual connection with another that is not about just the genitals and nipples but encompasses the entire body, head to toe and out beyond into the galaxy of orgasms that bring new life into our entire being.     

With years of life experiences, we can draw upon many memories of great sex that give way to more pleasure at the moment with a beloved or a trusted play partner. At 70 aka Youth of Old Age, we know how to enhance the dance of romance, intrigue, sensuality, and erotic bliss. When the body is limber so is the mind.     

We may have lived many lives up to this point in time but we have one body to continue to engender self-love, self-esteem, and knowledge to act and be the sexiest woman alive! As we enter the Youth of Old Age, we know how to communicate our needs, wants, and desires. Taking time at least once a week for adult play reminds us of the joy of living well. We do not need to strive for orgasm as quickly or as often however it is the orgasm itself that brings us new life force energy.

At 70, we have learned the pleasure of pleasing our partner (s). In giving we receive.      Continuing intimacy and sharing orgasms allows us strong intuition and instincts, so needed in today’s topsy turvy world. In the Internet world, men of all ages are attracted to mature women and life can be a bowl of cherries, ripe for the tasting of the sensation of a whole-body erotic experience that begins with sensuality and ends with orgastic bliss.     

Stay sexy Elder Women (aka Youth of Old Age) – dress up, wear a ponytail, strut your stuff, dance like you are on fire, and don’t hold back!   This article is dedicated to the one and only, Dr. Betty Dodson, who always was my mentor and role model. At 70, she confided in me, “Stephanie, how can I keep up with him, my new young lover, 50 years my junior?” 

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