Basking in the afterglow of an incredible sexual encounter takes on a whole new meaning when afterglow, a new feminist porn site, launches in February. Geared towards a woman’s point of view and interests, its goal is to combine sexual education and well-being into sexy videos where the woman’s pleasure is the main focus. Lilly Sparks is the founder and the driving force behind this new company. They will be producing their own videos and providing educational and erotic articles and stories to empower women in their sexual exploration. Here is Lilly in her own words explaining where the idea of afterglow came from and where she plans to take it.

afterglow logo
afterglow logo

Q.   What made you want to jump from being a natural foods entrepreneur to creating a porn company?

A .  Building afterglow has always been my dream, even when I was in natural foods. I’m that person on the airplane who’s secretly reading a romance novel. I was in a 15-year relationship with my high school sweetheart, and we were each other’s first and only sexual partners. When it came to understanding my body and expressing what I wanted, I was lost. I had no resources besides porn, and I felt ashamed for needing help. I didn’t even know how to masturbate. I loved the sex scenes in TV and movies but wanted more than my imagination to fill in the gap between them tumbling into the sheets and getting coffee the next morning.

I started secretly working on afterglow because I didn’t have the courage to tell my friends and family, much less my professional network. When I finally told my mom, her response was great. She said, “I get it…Women don’t care about the cum shots!”

I want women to have more great sex, that’s it. During and after my relationship, I’ve had to find my way through my own sexual awakening (and I still am). I want to make it easier for women to explore what turns them on in the comfort of their homes. That’s why I started afterglow.

Q   There is a subset in the feminist theory that believes porn is bad as it was conceived and driven by a male agenda without regard to women, what would you say to them?

A.   afterglow is the solution! Porn isn’t going anywhere, let’s face facts. Our porn is 100% for and from the feminine gaze. Our team is filled with women, both in the office and behind the camera. We’re proof that it’s possible to like porn and care about women. By creating and showing people what porn can be, we’re changing the narrative and the industry. If ethical porn driven by a female agenda sells, then the industry will follow and more will be created.

Q.   How are you and your team planning on educating female viewers and empowering them to embrace their sexuality?

A.   I believe the best way to lead is by example. Everybody has their own pleasure journey. afterglow is a resource and a “no surprises” place to explore at your own pace and comfort level. Sex looks different for everybody and that’s okay.

At afterglow, our videos use elements of realism while still being hot enough to masturbate to. In Lip Service, she tells him what she wants and how she likes being touched. Communication can be sexy, and entertainment can be educational. Every video is part of a pleasure universe that includes behind-the-scenes footage, informational articles, and exercises that explore themes in the videos. I can’t wait to get women doing our guided masturbations…. I’ve never had such good orgasms!

Q.   What would you say to women who feel ashamed of the idea of exploring their sexuality through porn?

A.   When we want to learn how to change a tire, we watch a video of somebody changing a tire. When we want to learn how to bake a cake, we watch a video of somebody baking a cake. So why is it wrong to watch a video of people having sex?

We each have our own cultural and family messages we’ve heard about sex that have influenced our views. Think about why you feel ashamed about the idea of exploring sexuality. Is it because women aren’t “supposed” to be sexual beings? Is it because you believe the videos were made unethically? Is it because you believe your specific desires are “wrong”? Examine where these beliefs come from and if they are true or not. (hint: they’re probably not true!)

Porn is entertainment, but it’s also a tool we can use to achieve our sexual goals. We’ve all seen a woman who’s radiantly glowing from good sex. When we’re sexually fulfilled, that glow beams out into all areas of our life. What would you stand to gain if you weren’t ashamed?

Q   What is your favorite after-sex food?

A.  Ha! Usually, the last thing I’m thinking about after sex is food. But I do know the answer! After some truly mind-blowing sex – the kind where I was exhausted and content and not wanting to move a single muscle – the guy handed me an Oreo cookie. It magically came out of nowhere and it was the most delicious Oreo I’ve ever had. That Oreo made me feel like a goddess.


Lilly is a woman with a mission and is well on her way to accomplishing it. If you want more information on afterglow check out and join their email list for updates and a link to their first video, Lip Service.

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