The topic of sex has been increasingly being talked about. People aren’t as ashamed or afraid of having these intimate conversations, it’s needed. This month I have had the pleasure of browsing some wonderful books that regard several topics of sex and other forms of intimacy. These five books cater to finding your pleasure and experimentation with play and personal journeys and professional advice.

Here are 5 sex book picks, I am thankful for discovering…

  1. Hot and Unbothered: How to Think About Talk About and Have the Sex You Really Want by Yana Tallon-Hicks

This first sex book recommendation is a playful and inclusive guide that teaches you to discover your deepest sexual desires and to communicate your wants/needs and defines your boundaries to have the sex you crave. The gap between informed sex education and satisfying sex is huge. Manu individuals that don’t fit the ‘acclaimed standardized criteria’ of what partners look like are underrepresented and leaves them out of the conversation. This guide gives you the freedom to achieve pleasure without any shame no matter what sexual identity or gender you are.

Yana Tallon-Hicks provides a roadmap to improve your relationships and exposes you to her developed programs she has used personally for her clients and workshops. She breaks down the illusion of sex being flawless and satisfying, that doesn’t exist. Once you break those unreachable ideals you can start creating your own unique desires and fears, identify them and build a safe space to fulfill these sexual experiences.

From diving into shame, low self-esteem, motivation and unhealthy relationships the path to pleasure is cleared and the fun can start. Yana’s book helps with sexual goals and finding out who you are in the bedroom. Your pleasure and comfort should be supported whether it’s a long-committed relationship or even a hookup. This includes worksheets and/or exercises this can be helpful for the rest of your life to see if your responses change.

  1. Might Be Too Personal by Alyssa Shelasky

This essay collection found in this sex book is profoundly hilarious, feminine, and frisky. Genuine words on relationships, sex, motherhood, and finding yourself. All were edited by the editor of New York Magazine’s “Sex Diaries”. Shelasky brings the intimate essay collection to you which navigates life as a wild-hearted woman and her career as a sex, relationship, and celebrity writer in NYC.

Many of her experiences such as running from her ‘perfect’ future husband(s) to interviewing stars, contemplating abortion and so much more are romantic and deeply genuine life experiences. An uproarious image of a woman who lives on her own terms. Prepare for confessions, columns, and embarrassing and beautiful moments that make each detail emotional that come from the heart and the bedroom.

  1. Pegging Book: A Complete Guide to Anal Sex with a Strap-On by Lyndzi Miller and Cooper S. Beckett

Ever been curious about pegging and want to try it with your partner? In this sex book, authors Beckett and Miller will tackle all your curiosities about pegging. From figuring out the right tools, how it’s done, or if it feels good. Some common questionssuch as “I’m a straight guy, will pegging make me gay?

They answer all questions including adding important information about safety, male anatomy and the health benefits of being pegged. This is a guide for experimentation in this spectrum of sex and a friendly conversation that shows you an in depth look between the cheeks sort of speak.

  1. Confessions of a Dominatrix by Kaz B and Shaun Attwood

This is a story about a Dominatrix named Kaz and her own personal journey with kink and becoming a Dominatrix. Please keep in mind that, in this sex book, this is her experience alone and to always be safe when practicing Kink and in the kink community. Remember to always be safe and consensual when it comes to pleasure on all accounts.

Kaz was just a shy bookworm that didn’t ever expect to be working in the adult industry, traveling the world, partying with porn stars, and participating in kinky photoshoots. But her experience was a dark one, and the adult industry she was a part of did not treat her well.

Abusive relationships damaged her mental health and she needed to get away from them. When going through some healing she had an epiphany: to become a dominatrix and train men to serve women. Accompany Kaz on her journey into becoming a Dominatrix, as she learns several pleasurable methods for her servants, slaves, and subs.

  1. Buzz: The Stimulating History of the Sex Toy by Hallie Lieberman

Before, sex toys were only a secret that women would keep in a special drawer near their bedroom nightstands. Now they are more comfortably spoken about and socially acceptable. How did that come to fruition? The journey of the devices and how they became a cultural phenomenon is a stimulating journey.

Lieberman, the first PhD in the history of sex toys, starts the explanation by tracing the tale from lubricant in Ancient Greece to the very first condom in 1560. She investigates the major change starting from the 1950s to the present, when sex toys evolved from symbols of emancipation among women, to marital aids, to today’s pop culture.

Many unique individuals are mentioned in this sex book such as Dell Williams, founder of the first feminist sex toy store, and Betty Dodson who pioneered ‘Bodysex’ workshops in the1960s and ran Good Vibrations, a sex toy store, and vibrator museum. There are many other icons in this book. Prepare to think differently and find fascination with America’s changing point of view about the sex toys we keep.

There is a little something for everyone who is curious and wants to learn more about their desires and how socially acceptable they are in our culture. These are just five books that are the steppingstone to having more open discussions and embracing that pleasure comes in all kinds of forms and is normal.