For this week’s obsessions, I’m featuring products to keep everyone warm and cozy.

Can anyone say brrrr? 🥶 While most of the country is dealing with well below normal temperatures, In fact, meteorologists claim this arctic phenomenon only happens every 35 to 40 years.  Also, just a little friendly advice. Stay inside please. Some of us are not equipped or adapted to driving on icy roads and now is not the time to learn. Stay warm everyone!

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug $130

This mug will keep any 14 ounce beverage hot for 80 minutes or all day if needed when kept on the chargeable coaster. You can also set your own desired drinking temperature. So your coffee is never too hot or too cold.

warm and cozy
Ember smart mug

Microwaveable Slippers   $25

No that is not a typo. That’s right, microwaveable slippers. They are the very definition of warm and cozy. Ok maybe I’ve been living in the south too long where these wouldn’t be needed but I’ve never heard of such a thing. Trust me, they are a thing. People love them! They were even featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things a year ago. Enough said. 

Warmie Slippers are filled with french lavender and meant to put in the microwave for 60-90 seconds. That’s enough time to keep your feet warm toe up to an hour. For those of us who suffer with cold feet or poor circulation, these would be fantastic. You know what they say? Cold feet, warm heart. ♥️

image 10
warmie slippers

Faux Fur Ombré Throws    $149

Not only are these throws incredibly warm but they also look exceptional. I love the weight and feel of them but more importantly they are machine washable. Another thing worth mentioning is, no lint roller required. Some of the lower quality throws out there, make you look like you own a dozen cats they shed so much. No worries here.

warm and cozy
faux fur ombre throws

Sensual Massage Candle   $32

This all natural vegan soy candle doubles as a massage oil or a great body oil moisturizer after a shower or bath. Lightly fragranced with a hint of citrus and enriched with vitamin E for skin loving moisturize. Light the candle, watch it melt and indulge. Wax temperature will be slightly higher then body temperature. Perfect for these cold weather evenings. 

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image 11
Sensual Massage Candle

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