This week is about New Year’s Celebration obsessions. My recommendations are for ringing in the new year from home. Sayonara, 2020! Hello, 2021!

This New Year’s Eve is like no other, for all of us. So how does one celebrate during a pandemic? So glad you asked. 

Host a virtual celebration w/ friends

 Schedule your New Year’s Eve shindig via Zoom. Play music and have a dance-off. When the clock strikes midnight, toast with your favorite champagne. More importantly, don’t forget to wear your favorite cocktail attire. Lord knows we could all use a little “fancy” in our lives right now.

Just in case you were wondering?? Yes, you do have to wear pants. Thank you!

New Years Celebration Obsessions
New Years Celebration via Zoom

Champagne is a must $18.99-$52.99

I have two picks for champagne. Let’s keep it simple this year. 

Veuve Clicquot $49.99-$52.99. This is my “go-to” and it never disappoints. Just look for the infamous yellow label.  Sold at grocery stores or liquor stores nationwide. 

New Years Celebration Obsessions
Veuve Clicquot

Mumm Napa Brut Rose $15.49-$21.99

If the beautiful pink coral color doesn’t sell you, the robust fruit flavor with an elegant finish will. Seriously.. this has a permanent spot in my refrigerator.

New Years Celebration Obsessions
MumM Napa

Bananagrams Word Game $19.95

Play a game! One of the hottest word games on the market. A cross between Boggle and Scrabble but the main premise is to use all of your letter tiles. Which leaves you to constantly reconfigure your words and your brain. The person with the least amount of tiles left wins the game. 

New Years Celebrations Obsessions
Bananagrams Word Game

Make a Fire Pit 🔥

Don’t just make any fire pit, make one that accommodates some cozy chairs and blankets too. Don’t forget the s’mores!


Just in case you didn’t know here’s the recipe:           

  •  one graham cracker
  •  1/2 of a chocolate candy bar 
  • one large marshmallow 


We hope you have a fun celebration ending the year 2020. Share the New Year’s celebration obsessions by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the link. 

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