This is the first article of my obsessions. We thought we’d been an online magazine too long without discussing the fun part of reading a magazine which is the products that they recommend. Every week we will post new products and where to get them. All we ask of our readers aka members is that they share where they learned about these enticing obsessions.

Maude Vibe $45

My personal fave; with three different speeds, it’s quiet, soft, and easy to handle. Does not disappoint. You can feel safe shopping from this female-run company. All of their products are clean, universal, and fuss-free. 

Maude Vibe
Maude Vibe

BoySmells Candles $34

I can’t say enough about these candles. Each candle is divinely scented with nearly 50hrs of clean burn time. The best part is, a portion of your purchase goes to The Trevor Project. The world’s largest LGBT suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization.

BoySmells Candles
Boy Smells

MIYA Fuzzy home slippers $19.99

While we are all staying in our pajamas much more than we should these days, why bother putting on shoes? Especially with these open-toe fuzzy slippers. In bright red of course.

MIYA Fuzzy Home Slippers
MIYA Fuzzy Home Slippers

New York Puzzle Company $19.99 & up

These beautiful puzzles have a wonderful way of getting you out of your own head and into the present moment. A good stress reliever and beautiful enough to frame as art pieces when you’re through.

New York Puzzle Company
New York Puzzle Company Pic

My future obsession:

Drinkworks Home Bar By Keurig $299. I’ll be saving my money for this little beauty. Why? Because happy hour at home just keeps going and going. 

Drinkworks by Keurig

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