For this week’s obsessions, I’m featuring friendship products to help you stay connected with your BFFs.

If anyone out there is feeling bored, lonely, or disconnected, say “I”.  This is where sound effects would be handy because there are so many people saying “I” that scientists are picking up seismic activity on their Richter Scale.

My point is you are not alone. It literally has been a year since I’ve seen my best friend in person. Sure we talk on the phone several times a week and also chat on Zoom but it’s not the same. So for this week, I put together a few items that help us feel more connected to our BFF’s. It’s also a reminder to us all, just how important these friendships are and we must never let them go. 

Diamond Best Friend Heart Pendant Set $469

I totally love this idea and I know my best friend would too. Sure there are cheaper options out there but why not give your friendship an upgrade. This 14k gold split heart pendant with small Diamond detail is a lovely gift to share with your BFF. I think they are adorable! Can be worn with an existing chain or one may be purchased separately. Nothing spells best friends forever, better then this.

image 12
Diamond Best Friend Heart Pendant

The Adventure Challenge -Friends Edition $39.99

This “game” comes with 50 unique scratch off adventures. For those times when we look forward to meeting in person again. Each experience must be scratched off to reveal the adventure. The only rule is, once the adventure is chosen there is no looking back. Yes, commitment is required. You have to do it! What’s even better, is a small Polaroid camera is included to add pictures to your book along the way. How cute is that?!

image 14
Adventure Challenge-Friends Edition

Table Topics- Girls Night Out Edition $25

For your next girls night out (or in) why not get to know each other a little better?  Trust me, we can’t possibly know everything? Plus, I think this is perfect for those weekly chats on Zoom. Mine are more like weekly wine chats on zoom but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, this set has 135 questions and topics that range from hilarious to thought provoking. You never know what you might learn about your bestie or she about you. That’s the fun of it. Break up the mundane and play. Have fun! 🍷

image 13
Table Topics-Girls Night Out

Friendship Lamps  2/$199

Just recently a client of mine was telling me about these friendship lamps she had purchased for her daughter. Her very best friend was moving 3 states away and she was completely devastated. At the time I thought, “what a cute idea!” Not necessarily my cup of tea but what a great way to keep people feeling connected. Many people find comfort by looking at photos, so why wouldn’t this work in a similar fashion? 

All you do is connect to wi-fi and set up a group ID of your choice. A touch is all it takes to change your lamp color and the lamp you have it paired with will light up in the same color. It’s a very simple way to let someone know that you are thinking of them.

Friendship Lamps

Desirables K&T February Deal

Also, don’t forget that K&T partnered with De’sirables for the month of February. K&T readers can save 10% on their entire order by using code KISST10. Why not treat yourself or a friend (I’m not judging) to the Dalia Love Dust ($165)?

G-spot dildo - special edition - Love dust - blue by Désirables
Dalia Love Dust

De’sirables best selling porcelain dildo with a splash of color. Or maybe try their organic massage oil “Omeha” ($38)? This non-greasy, lightly scented with citrus and ylang ylang will be your go to after a bath or shower. Plus, it’s made with premium organic essential oils. You better hurry though, offer ends at the end of the month. 💋

Luxury Massage Oil - Omeha Fragrance - Parabens Free

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