National Sex Day falls on June 9th or 6/9. This number also signifies a popular position that allows for both parties to engage in oral sex simultaneously go figure. Today is designated to enjoy having sex with someone or a partner, engaging in pleasurable activities, exploring each other bodies or your own, talking about it, and learning new things about sex that spark curiosity.

While exploring National Sex Day, I will provide some insight into different things people could do to make this day more memorable and use it as a day to enhance your sexual experience with your partner or when you are alone. A brief education on the history of sex and how it evolved to what and where it is today.  Discussing the topic of sex there are so many things that can be explored,  sex is very fluid and can be tailored to anyone’s personality and interest if it stays within the legal boundaries that are put in place. 

A Brief History of Sex

The history of sex began in India this is where the act became viewed as artistic and sophisticated. The history of sex took a pivotal turn when the first works of literature (Kama Sutra) treating intercourse as a science was written in India. The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest written texts educating on eroticism, sexuality, emotional fulfillment, and other variety of topics on living a healthy and positive lifestyle.  Many sexual practices started in India, such as kissing on the lips, before spreading to the rest of the world. (National Today, n.d.)

Throughout history,  especially in Western culture sex has evolved from a form of asexuality for the sole purpose of procreating to enjoying the pleasures that come from it with no desire to procreate. (Remember the old movies that would portray husband and wife sleeping in separate beds in the same room)  Back in the early days 40s, 50s, 60s, and even earlier couples often waited until they were married before having sex. Also, couples dated for longer periods of time before getting sexual which would typically include hand jobs or oral sex.  

By the 1960 science also began using the word clitoris because few people knew what to call it and people during this time were ignorant of its functions. (Joannides, 2005)  Religion has played a major role in our perception and understanding of the role sex has in our lives.  Typically, when raised in a heavily religious home, people don’t have a space to explore their sexuality and enjoy the pleasures of sexual activity.  

According to (Whipps, 2006) religion especially has held powerful sway over the mind’s attitude towards the body’s carnal desires. Men and women who lived during the pious Middle Ages were certainly affected by the fear of sin.  However, even though we have come a long way from viewing sex as taboo still to this day there are vast differences in attitudes across the world that continue to make it remain a taboo. Some cultures continue to view sex for pleasure as a sin which has strengthened the guilt and shame feelings associated with sex.

national sex day

The Meaning of Sex has Changed

Sex means many different things to different people. It doesn’t make it abnormal for one person to have certain preferences and styles that are not the same as others. Society had decided the standard for all of us for what sex is supposed to be or not be. I regularly get asked what is normal and not and I find the majority of my sessions are validating and normalizing people’s experiences and preferences because peers, culture, core beliefs, and even parent styles have caused self-doubt in their sexuality.  Today, on National Sex Day, I challenge you to go against your regular performance in sex and other pleasurable activities and try new things.

9 Different Ways to Celebrate National Sex Day

  1. This would be a perfect time to try that new position you have been eyeing and talking about.
  2. Use this day as a conversation starter to talk about sex. Get comfortable with open discussions with friends or partners.
  3. Try a new and updated version of a toy you already have. Sex toys are constantly evolving and becoming more realistic.
  4. Have sex in a different location and environment you wouldn’t normally consider.
  5. Try different ways to achieve orgasms without penetrative sex
  6. Bring up a topic about sex you may find shameful but have sparked an interest to normalize and increase comfort in talking about new things regarding sex.
  7. Switch roles from the routine roles you and your partner would normally engage in during intimate moments. For example, initiating sex.
  8. Try a different lube from your normal go-to product.
  9. Check out online forums and books to learn about different fetishes or other sexual activities you may not be aware of. Exploring different aspects of sexuality will help normalize sex and minimize the taboo.
national sex day

In conclusion, the meaning of sex is different depending on who you talk to. The fluidity of sexuality makes it even more interesting and unique for everyone.  Seek a therapist to work through any misconceptions, guilt, and shame to build confidence in your exploration for a more pleasurable and enjoyable sex life.  Sex is Life.


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